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Robotics Club Headed for State... 1/11/19 - Toledo Elementary students are competing in FIRST LEGO Robotics. Read the article [PDF]

North Bend's Robotics Competition Makes a Splash 12/3/18 - Students compete with underwater robots in its SeaPerch competition. Read the article



Oregon King Tides

Winter 2018-19 Dates:
  • December 21-23, 2018

  • January 20-22, 2019

  • February 18-20, 2019

Every year in early winter, high tides in Oregon are higher than usual. These extreme high tides, commonly called “King Tides,” occur at a few specific times during the year when the moon is closest to the Earth. The Oregon King Tides Photo Initiative invites community members to take and share photos of the coastline taken during a King Tide event. Images are used to document sea level rise over time and to inform coastal resilience planning. Visit for more information.

Find lessons about weather, climate, sea level rise and more on the curriculum page of this website.

Engineers Week

February 17 to February 23, 2019

Engineers Week is a time to:

  •     Celebrate how engineers make a difference in our world
  •     Increase public dialogue about the need for engineers
  •     Bring engineering to life for kids, educators, and parents

More than a week-long event, Engineers Week is a year-round commitment to making a difference!

What will you do to celebrate? Share your inspiring story, photo or message about engineering for others to learn about your field. Nominate an engineer for an award, invite an engineer to your classroom, or organize an Engineers Week event. Check out an engineering kit from the Oregon Coast STEM Hub trailer and invite students to innovate.

Learn more at DiscoverE