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Here's what teachers are saying about
activities sponsored by the Oregon Coast STEM Hub:


"Taking the Picture Perfect STEM course helped me a lot to understand the NGSS, how to incorporate the 5 E’s into a lesson, and how easy it is to include literacy in STEM. I see myself including other teachers in my school on how great Picture Perfect is and help them to implement it into their classrooms with the end goal of having more teachers teaching STEM."

"This program is going to add more authenticity in my curriculum and a great way to show my students how they can apply what they learned to real world situations and jobs."

"One of the most valuable things I learned from this course was how easy it is to incorporate picture books into science and how these fiction and nonfiction books complement the content so well.  My students were so engaged with the books, and they were a great tool in teaching the science concepts. . .  I'm excited to try out more lessons this year.  The next lesson we'll be doing is the Force/Motion Lesson, and I can't wait!"

- Teachers from the Picture Perfect training

"Thank you for supporting our high needs students who do not always have the same access to these activities!"



- From a SPED high school teacher who brought students to the Oregon Hatchery Research Center to practice job skills

"Thank you Oregon Coast STEM Hub for providing such an amazing learning experience for our students. This project brought the community into our school and caught the imagination of all the students who saw it, not just the seventh graders who built it. I am proud to be associated with Sunset School and the Oregon Coast STEM Hub."

-From a teacher reflecting on the unmanned boat building experience in Coos Bay

After a STEMposium at Hatfield Marine Science Center:

"It was so wonderful to work with all of you to put together this great event.  Seeing park rangers and scientists there, looking at our students' posters, made the event even more meaningful for the students."

"I felt it was a great opportunity for my kids to feel like a college student (the "lecture hall"), a researcher (sharing their work), and a member of something bigger in our community."

-From participating 5th and 6th grade teachers


"[The MATE ROV program] is one of the best most affordable STEM projects of its kind and the skills that students learn throughout the entire process, from the design phase to the competition, are unmatched. I know it is a huge effort to put this on for all of Oregon and it is appreciated."

- From a teacher who brought a team to the MATE Oregon Regional ROV Competition

Teacher Needs Assessment Survey


A significant focus of the Oregon Coast STEM Hub is to coordinate STEM educator professional development (PD). We seek input from teachers in all Oregon coast school districts to ensure we focus on what is needed in the various regions. 

From a short online survey of 311 coastal teachers in June 2014:

  • 55% do not hold a degree in the STEM subjects that they teach,
  • 41% reported that they do not have adequate access to PD in Science, and
  • 52% reported that they do not have adequate access to PD in Technology or Engineering

Download a summary of survey results

More Results from the Teacher Survey

  1. During the school day with release time
  2. Through collaborative study groups
  3. Multiple days during the summer
  4. After school / evening days in person
  1. Obtaining new ideas and/or resources to use with students
  2. Funds or materials to support classroom activities
  3. Opportunity to interact with colleagues
  1. Deepening content knowledge
  2. Designing and implementing Project Based Learning
  3. Integrating technology
  4. Effective STEM teaching strategies
  5. Addressing CCSS through STEM
  6. STEM curriculum resources
  1. Programs for students in the classroom
  2. STEM curriculum tied to CCSS and NGSS
  3. Technology
  4. Field programs near school
  5. Field equipment
  1. STEM lesson plans
  2. STEM PD information
  3. Funding opportunities
  4. Community partners' information
  5. Information on STEM student opportunities