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Oregon Coast STEM Hub

The Oregon Coast STEM Hub was established in 2014 and is a collaborative effort of more than 60 partners, including coastal school districts, post-secondary institutions, non-profits, government agencies, and businesses. Headquartered at Oregon State University’s Hatfield Marine Science Center, the Oregon Coast STEM Hub supports integrated Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education, serving coastal educators, youth, and rural communities along the entire Oregon coastline, from Brookings to Astoria.  We leverage local and regional resources to promote college and workforce-ready students who are equipped to pursue STEM careers and address real-world challenges. 

The Oregon Coast STEM Hub seeks to improve STEM education opportunities for all students along the Oregon Coast by promoting best practices in STEM education, connecting in and out-of-school learning, facilitating communication amongst stakeholders, and mentoring students and educators. Our Hub’s geographic region provides unique opportunities for place-based learning focused on coastal ecosystems, marine science and technologies, and career-connected learning for the maritime sector and other coastal industries.

Since its inception, our STEM Hub has provided more than 30,000 direct hours of STEM activities for coastal students, and more than 14,000 hours of STEM-related training for educators in our region.  We also support teachers in the implementation of STEM activities through our STEM resource trailers in various locations along the coast and through the collecting and curation of STEM curriculum highlighted on our website.  Information on STEM careers, student competitions and out-of-school STEM opportunities are also available on this website.


Coastal stakeholders of all ages and backgrounds are engaged in an inclusive culture of STEM innovation and learning, which supports a vibrant and prosperous region.


The Oregon Coast STEM Hub engages diverse learners with STEM by leveraging local and regional resources and collaborating with diverse partners.


Committed to empowering inclusive STEM experiences

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are essential to ignite our mission. Together with our partners, we advance DEI in STEM in coastal communities by engaging with underrepresented, underserved and marginalized populations to elevate their voices and co-create culturally relevant programs and resources to ensure student success. We acknowledge and celebrate differences as drivers of STEM innovation and collaborate to promote inclusive and accessible STEM education in our coastal communities.


The Oregon Coast STEM Hub serves coastal educators, youth, and rural communities along the entire coast. We are funded by state Legislative Funds through the Oregon Department of Education to support our core staff and implement STEM Innovation Grants related to the goals of the statewide STEM Education Plan. Our STEM Hub includes a diverse and committed group of more than 60 industry, community, and education partners who contribute expertise and resources to the Hub’s continued sustainability. We seek strategic opportunities to collaborate with partners to obtain additional funding through foundations, fundraising, and grant opportunities