WelcomA science fair mentor helps 6th graders evaluate their engineering designe!

The Oregon Coast STEM Hub promotes integrated science, technology, engineering and math education and serves coastal teachers, students and communities.  It is one of several Regional STEM Hubs funded by the Oregon Department of Education.  The Oregon Coast STEM Hub is centered at OSU's Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport and serves the entire Oregon coast region.

Employment opportunities along the Oregon Coast have been growing in fields such as scientific research, marine technology, natural resource management, and eco-tourism.  To prepare our local students for jobs in these and other STEM fields, and to help improve STEM literacy among all citizens, the Hub seeks to expand and improve the opportunities for students and teachers to engage in STEM learning. 

Definitions for STEM

From the Oregon Department of Education: 
"An approach to teaching and lifelong learning that emphasizes the natural interconnectedness of the four separate STEM disciplines.  The connections are made explicit through collaboration between educators resulting in real and appropriate context build into instruction, curriculum, and assessment.  The common element of problem solving is emphasized across all STEM disciplines allowing students to discover, explore and apply critical thinking skills as they learn."


Oregon Sea Grant supports the Oregon Coast STEM Hub by providing project management, communications and program coordination 

Oregon Sea Grant