Summer Reading Program 2022

Read beyond the beaten path

This year's Summer Reading Program theme in Lincoln County is "READ BEYOND THE BEATEN PATH". Get outside and explore your community! Read stories about the places and people on the Oregon Coast and beyond. Summer reading program families are also encouraged to explore the outdoors with clue-directed hunts known as Oregon Coast Quests. Read the directions and follow the clues to find the hidden Quest Box!

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QUEST FEST - Fun for the whole family

Come sign up for the Summer Reading Program and go on a Quest with the librarians!

Quest Fest
Tuesday, July 12, 2022 @ 5 - 7PM
Big Creek Park - 2510 NE Big Creek Rd in Newport, OR

Download a flyer in English or Spanish


STEM at the Library

The Oregon Coast STEM Hub helps public libraries provide STEM activities for youth and families. For example, in 2020 public libraries in Lincoln County partnered with the Oregon Coast STEM Hub and Georgia-Pacific to distribute instructions and materials for seven Daily STEM Challenges. Download the Activity Book

Daily Challenges:

  • Make-It Monday  - Paper Tube Raceway

  • Take Apart Tuesday - Take Something Apart

  • What Are You Wondering Wednesday - Notice & Wonder

  • Think About It Thursday - Build a Paper Structure

  • Field Trip Friday - Backyard Field Trip & Scavenger Hunt

  • Sounds and Shadows Saturday - Create Shadow Art

  • Soaring Sunday - Paper Airplanes & Flight

Download the full Activity Book

Make it monday!

Challenge:  Make a Paper Tube Raceway: Design a structure using your materials that is either freestanding or attached to a wall. This structure will be your raceway for marbles, a car, or another object of your choice.

Download the instructions in English or Spanish



  • Create a story to go with your structure
  • Read stories about other exciting races

Imagine Your Story

  • Characters: Who/what is racing on your raceway? Are your characters cars, drivers, animals, or some combination? How many racers will be using your design, and do they all have the same characteristics or are they different in some ways?
  • Setting: What place does your model represent?  Is it a mountain road, an off-road speedway, a tree top pathway, an underground tunnel, or something else?
  • Motive: Why are your characters on the raceway? Are they competing to see who is fastest? Is the path you created a safe way for something to get down? Are your characters wondering what will happen? Come up with a tale that sets the scene.
  • Challenge: Capture your audience's attention with an engaging plot. Did the raceway engineer encounter any problems while making the route? Did the racers encounter any obstacles on their path? Is your story exciting because we don't know who will win the race or even make it to the end?
  • Climax: Your story is leading up to what we've all been waiting for. Tell us what happens!
Share your story and photos of your raceway with your local library

Your local librarians will love knowing what you did during Make It Monday


Stories about speed


Mini Racer by Kristy Dempsey and illustrated by Bridget Strevens-Marzo


Roller Coaster by Marla Frazee

Read a news release about this project

The STEM Activity Packets were originally created for STEM Week Oregon 2020.
Funds to support STEM Week in Lincoln County libraries was provided to the Oregon Coast STEM Hub by the Georgia-Pacific Foundation.
Georgia-Pacific is a partner of the Oregon Coast STEM Hub. Read more