Teachers: Kelsey Hart, Taft 7-12 High School
Jazmin Garcia, Waldport High School

Scientist: Taylor Chapple, Oregon State University

Swimming on an Empty Shark Tank

Lesson Plan: Swimming on an Empty Shark Tank

Link to the materials included in the lesson plan

  • Frequency Matching
  • Introduction
  •  White Shark Energy
    • Energy and Sharks Webquest (pdf)(doc)
  • Calculations Jigsaw
    • Tailbeat Frequency Worksheet (pdf)
    • Tailbeat Frequency Figures (pdf)
  • Energy Cost
    • Energetic Calculations Spreadsheet (xls)
    • Energy Costs Worksheet (pdf)(doc)
    • Teacher Guide for Energetic Calculations (pdf)
  • Shark Restaurant Project
    • Shark Restaurant Project Description (pdf)
  • Career Connections

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Anchoring Phenomenon

Swimming on an Empty Shark Tank

Driving Question

What can cause white shark activity levels to vary between individuals within the species?

Grade Level


Created By

Team Sharkbait ORSEA 2020-21

View the Capstone Poster presented about this project (August 26, 2021)

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