2021 ORSEA Teams:

Seven scientists and 14 teachers participated in this year's ORSEA Cohort. They formed seven teams that worked together to create curriculum. For a preview of their coming lessons, view each team's Capstone Poster below:

Team Capstone Poster
Cetacean Belugas out of Balance
Hypoxia Seafloor Graveyard
Plastic Fantastic Prodigious Plastic Pollution
Rockfish Teeming with Fish
Sea Lion Sea Lion Feeding Frenzy
Sharkbait Swimming on an Empty Shark Tank

Marsh Magic


August 26 Capstone Event

Welcome & Overview
Project Presentations (7 Teams)
Upcoming Opportunities

See slides (pdf)

Zoom Recording Below


Kickoff Events

Jan 18, Jan 25, Feb 1 from 4-6PM
Team members met each other and gave presentations to each other about their work. Dr. Shawn Rowe gave a presentation on Science Communication, and Kara Allan gave presentations on NGSS and lesson structure.

Community of Practice Meetings

Teams met online on Mondays 4-6PM to work on developing curriculum, at least once a month. Designated times:

  • February - Either Feb 15 or Feb 22
  • March - Either Mar 8 or Mar 15
  • April - Either Apr 8 or Apr 19
  • May - May 6 or May 17
ORSEA Capstone Event

Thursday, August 26 from 5-7PM. Teams shared their final projects in an online poster session with peers and community.



Tracy Crews, PI
Marine Education Manager, Oregon Sea Grant
Interim Director, Oregon Coast STEM Hub
[email protected]

Cait Goodwin
Special Projects Coordinator, Oregon Sea Grant
Communications Coordinator, Oregon Coast STEM Hub
[email protected]
541-961-0968 cell

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