Teachers: Emily Parent, North Salem High School
Kim Abraham, Early College High School

Scientist: Kaitlyn Tonra, Oregon State University

Kelp Forest Complexity

Lesson Plan: Kelp Forest Complexity (pdf)

Links to the materials included in the lesson plan

  • Surface Splash
  • Virtual Dive Activity
    • Presentation: Virtual Dive (ppt)(pdf)
    • Transect photos (pdf)
  • Deep Dive
    • Presentation: Deep Dive (ppt)(pdf)
  • DD Part 1: Components of a Kelp Forest Ecosystem
  • DD Part 2: Species Profile & Social
  • DD Part 3: Construct a Food Web
    • Food Web activity description (pdf)
  • DD Part 4a: Career Connection & Research Intro
  • DD Part 4b: Calculating Biodiversity
    • Presentation: Calculating Biodiversity (ppt)(pdf)
    • Calculating Biodiversity student worksheet (pdf)(doc)
  • Using Real Data
    • Activity A: Interpreting Graphs student worksheet (pdf)(doc)
    • Activity B: Analyze & Interpret student worksheet (pdf)(doc)
    • Activity B: Teacher Key (pdf)
    • Activity C: Open-ended student worksheet (pdf)(doc)
    • Activity C: Data (xls)
  • Using Real Data Assessment
    • CER Template (doc)

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Anchoring Phenomenon

Kelp Forest Complexity

Driving Question

What factors affect biodiversity and community structure in West Coast kelp forests?

Grade Level


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Team AlGals ORSEA 2021-22


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