ORSEA Cohort 2022-23

In 2022-23, seven Marine Scientists and 11 Educators are participating in the ORSEA Project. 

MS and HS EDUCATORS are from Coos Bay, Eugene, Gresham, Halfway, Molalla, Rainier, Salem, Sheridan and Sherwood. 

MARINE SCIENTISTS are from Oregon State University and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Introducing the Six Teams for 2022-23:

Team King Tides
Team Wind Fish
Team Upwelling Watch
Team Fickle Fibers
Team Mussel Munchers
Team Hardcore Copepods

2023 Community of Practice Meetings

ORSEA Teams are gathering online once a month in Community of Practice meetings to work on creating their lessons.

  • January 23 OR January 31
  • February 21 OR February 27
  • March 1 OR March 7
  • April 17 OR April 25
  • May 2 OR May 22
  • June 5 OR June 6


ORSEA educators and scientists met online in November and then came together in person at Hatfield Marine Science Center in early December to form teams and get started working on their marine science units. See photos

Previous ORSEA Cohorts

ORSEA Year three (2021-22)

ORSEA Year Two (2020-21)

ORSEA Year One (2019-20)


Tracy Crews, PI
Marine Education Manager, Oregon Sea Grant
Interim Director, Oregon Coast STEM Hub
[email protected]

Cait Goodwin
Special Projects Coordinator, Oregon Sea Grant
Communications Coordinator, Oregon Coast STEM Hub
[email protected]
541-961-0968 cell