Upcoming Workshop: August 18-19, 2020 online

For more information, contact Tracy Crews at OregonCoastSTEM@oregonstate.edu

In 2018, Oregon reported 6,169 open computing jobs with an average salary of $89,447.00. In contrast, Oregon remains one of only five US states that does not provide publicly available K-12 computer science (CS) standards or require high schools to offer CS courses. Also, 93% of Oregon parents want their child’s school to teach CS, but only 37% of Oregon high schools offer CS programs of study. Further, 57% of Oregon school administrators believe CS is as important as a required core class.The CSDrive project positions STEM Hubs as regional leaders in facilitating a solution to these challenges by providing:

  1. Needed K-12 CS strategic planning aligned to state and national goals in collaboration with school district teams and CSforALL;
  2. CS educator recruitment and facilitation of CS professional development in collaboration with high-quality professional development providers committed to equity; and,
  3. Facilitation of C4C: Counselors for Computing professional development provided by the National Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT).
This CS Drive work is essential in realizing the long-term project goal of ensuring all K-12 Oregon public school students receive aligned, meaningful, high-quality CS learning experiences at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.

Strategic CSforALL Resource and Implementation Planning Tool (SCRIPT) 

What does it take to build a K-12 computer science education plan for your school district? Come to a SCRIPT workshop and find out! The Strategic CSforALL Resource and Implementation Planning Tool (SCRIPT) helps your school district build an equitable, sustainable, localized, K-12 computer science plan.

During the one or two-day in-person SCRIPT workshop, District Teams collaborate on self-assessment and goal-setting, and evaluate the needs, strengths, and challenges facing their districts. Led by a CSforALL facilitator, teams envision long-term K-12 computer science education plans for their districts, and set 3-month, 6-month, and 1-year goals for optimal alignment and progress.

Learn more about the requirements for districts who want to participate in a SCRIPT workshop, and contact the Oregon Coast STEM Hub to express your interest and learn more.



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