Careers in Science Investigation (CSI) Webinars

Explore careers in marine science! Each ~45 minute CSI recording from Oregon Sea Grant features two marine science professionals who talk about their careers and answer questions from students in grades 6-12. Register to participate in live CSI events and find more recordings on the  Oregon Sea Grant website.

Fisherman and Sea Grant Fisheries Extension agent talk on a dock

Marine Tech, Seabirds, Fisheries

Kristin Beem and Amanda Gladics

Three people retrieve a plankton net at sea

Plankton, Sharks

Jami Ivory and Taylor Chapple

California sea lions

Pinnipeds, Seafloor Mapping

Shea Steingass and Alissa Johnson

Thinking About a Career in a STEM Field?

The Oregon Coast STEM Hub can introduce you to a myriad of Cool Careers and STEM practitioners.

Oregon 2019 Careers - Download a PDF of this 72-page booklet and explore hundreds of careers in Oregon! Note how many of these careers are related to STEM.
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Check out the websites below to learn more about career profiles, education requirements, salaries, and more!



Explore Careers in...

Marine Science

Computer Science

  • Computer Science Online - Explore featured computer science careers
  • Community for Accredited Online Schools - Explore this page focused on connecting girls to careers in computer science.
  • National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) - non-profit community organizations nationwide working to increase women’s participation in computing and technology.
  • Changing the Curve: Women in Computing from Berkley School of Information




  • Discover E - Descriptions of engineering careers and their typical salaries


General STEM Career Profiles