Back in 2015, students at Astoria High School were given an Educational Passages sailboat kit from the Oregon Coast STEM Hub. The students built the 5 foot sailboat, equipped it with a GPS tracker, and named it A.H. YES. Then their teacher, Lee Cain, boarded the R/V Thompson in May and headed offshore to deploy the unmanned vessel at sea.  Where would the A.H. YES go once deployed?

The A.H.YES unmanned sailboat was set free at the Juan de Fuca Eddy, near the NW US and Canadian border at about 2230 hrs on 5/23/2016.  A.H. YES promptly shot off to the SW, towards the coastline at Lake Ozette, Washington, a very rugged and wild shoreline that is part of the Olympic National Park.  On the morning of 5/31/2016 a crab fisherman from Astoria picked A.H. YES up and snapped a picture on his deck, then put her back in the ocean, as the on-boat instructions say to do.  A.H. YES promptly resumed her course for the rocks of the coastline and the fisherman called A.H YES organizer, Lee Cain, and sent a picture.

Later that day the miniboat crashed into the Washington coastline. Lee and students put in a "VERY FUN" 13 hour drive as a recovery field trip, they discovered that the Olympic coast of Washington is "AMAZING" and found their miniboat! Now A.H. YES is back at Astoria High School (AHS), and everyone is currently plotting how to get her back out to sea.

You can see the tracks of the A.H. YES (including the ship's course emanating from Newport Oregon docks prior to deployment) here

UPDATE December 2016

The A.H. YES is getting a second chance! The R/V Oceanus will take the boat out to sea on December 6th and deploy it approximately 35 nautical miles offshore, directly West of Newport. Try to figure out where the vessel will go next by examining data on the Earth Nullschool website:

Visit the Educational Passages website to learn more about unmanned student built sailboats.