STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Oregon Coast STEM Hub Vision

Fostering a culture of STEM innovation by engaging people of all ages to create a vibrant and prosperous region.

Oregon Coast STEM Hub Mission 

The Oregon Coast STEM Hub engages learners with STEM by leveraging local and regional resources and collaborating with diverse partners.


2013-15 Report

The Oregon Coast STEM Hub completed and submitted its final report to the Oregon Department of Education detailing activities and impacts for the 2013-2015 biennium.  Read the report



Download a One-Page Description of the Oregon Coast STEM Hub 

The Oregon Coast STEM Hub is part of a network of STEM Hubs throughout the state.




The Oregon Coast STEM Hub serves coastal educators, youth and communities on the Oregon Coast, and involves partnerships with more than 50 organizations.  Funding for our first fiscal period (March 2014 - June 2015) was provided by the Oregon Department of Education.